ravenna_blue (ravenna_blue) wrote,

with one simple sentance

Per my lj entry a few weeks ago, I wrote about the humming vibrational feeling I get when I'm doing work that makes me happy.

I think a lot of my recent personal dissatisfaction stems from not focusing on the work I enjoy doing and feel is my purpose (for lack of a less cliched word). And after thinking a lot about it last night, I really feel like I am out of vibration with the work I promised Brigid I'd do. So this morning, I said a simple prayer to the kindred. "Help me get back to my path."

By the time I made it to work, a new song was born in my head. It's a simple campfire song that I think can be used to teach kids about the virtues. I sent it to athenamsb and anivair and hopefully the bard can make it into something interesting.

It's not mind-bogglingly amazing, but I am really inspired.

Sometimes, just one prayer, simple and earnest is answered obviously and immediately.
Tags: adf, bard, inspiration, music, tcg
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