ravenna_blue (ravenna_blue) wrote,

Man, it's longer and longer between

posts here.

I've been busy with more sibling wedding stuff and then two weeks of illness.

Frankly, I'm wondering if lj is just losing it's luster for me. I've been trying to jump back into WW and my dedicant program work, but I also felt moved to do a "walk with the Olympians". I felt like it was a good way to really get to know the Olympians and share my experiences with the Hellenic Kin. It has been keeping me pretty busy. But I'm really glad to do it.

But I've noticed I blog less and less. I post things on facebook and twitter, with the occasional post to my personal blog, but really, it's like I just haven't felt like blogging.

It ebbs and flows I've noticed. But there is news for those who haven't heard. I was reluctant to post it here, since most of the people in our lives with regularity are either on my fb or Twitter feed, but it's worth mentioning.

anivair asked me to marry him. And while I hate the institution of marriage insofar as govt. benefits, social politics and government enforcement of unequal rights where marriage is concerned...I said yes.

He really is a partner, in every sense of the word. He challenges me when I'm being difficult and unreasonable, he supports me when I need it and doesn't mind too much when I blow up at dishes in the sink. We have shared our faith and he is really great about my personal exploration. So I can't think of a better soul to share with in this crazy life.

In short, life just got a little wackier as we try to balance our desires for a meaningful service to honor our love for one another vs. public expectations.

(everyone says don't worry about other people's expectations...but if you care about humans at all, it's almost impossible to not worry about displeasing someone...we just want in the end for a nice celebration that makes everyone there feel welcome and as blessed as we do.)

Anyways, I hope other folks still out there in lj-land are doing well and that I will hear from folks about your summers! I really do wish everyone out there the best and I hope everyone can find something in your lives that has grown from unhappiness to make your life better in the long run.

peace out...
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