ravenna_blue (ravenna_blue) wrote,

The Wreck

So, on Saturday, around 2:00 am, we were on our way back from aFriday game in Lancaster and were struck my a drunk driver. I was driving with anivair, and three friends in the back seat.

I saw the car in front of me swerve through the green light, as if there were something in the road, and so with my focus on the road in front of me, were struck on my driver's side by the drunk driver, who had run the red light. I've been told that your life flashes before your eyes in situations like this. But in the instant that I heard "He's gonna hit us" to the moment of impact, it truly slowed down.

In my realization of his lights, I was certain they had hit my side and the driver's back seat door. And despite the slowness of the moment, the hyper-realization, I only really had time to think one thing. "That's it, P and I are dead..."

In the moments following the impact, I was only slightly aware that the driver backed out into the intersection and sped off into the night. The people in the car jumped out as they saw him taking off, but I had to rest my head and evaluate how bad I was hurt. I had hit my knees on the underside of the dash and when I hit, it was like an explosion had gone off in my left knee.

But, I was alive.

anivair and one of the passengers were okay, but there were three of us who had gotten a little banged up. We called 911 and found that our hit and run driver had left something rather important behind. His front bumper complete with his front license plate. By the time that the ambulance and police arrived, I was pumped pretty full of adrenaline and so I shooed away the medics. By the end of two hours, we had a tow company get my poor sad car, my insurance had been called and they caught the man several blocks away, having nearly hit several other cars, but ended up passing out on the side of the road.

All told...it has been a hellish experience with doctors and insurance companies...and not to mention something not awesome with my knee, as of yet to be determined.

But I am alive. And my husband and friends are alive...

And I am so grateful!!!
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